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About Us & Our Drams

Please note that The Sample Guys business is not associated with nor connected to any of the distilleries mentioned, or whiskies or other spirits sold from our site. None of our rebottled drams/measures emanate from nor are they endorsed by said distilleries.

Whisky tasting drams are 30ml bottled by The Sample Guys and sold in new clear glass bottles, with screw caps which are then wax sealed & labelled. When the parent bottle is decanted, we fill all the dram bottles at the same time using a bar optic, reducing any exposure to air to a minimum. Our 30ml bottles are retail drams only and are not intended for resale. Please note they are NOT DISTILLERY MINIATURES.

Our reasoning behind The Sample Guys is primarily to promote and support the whisky and spirits industries in Scotland and the UK at this time, as well as other areas.
A good part of this is brought about by our own personal experiences in the last number of years as we have been exploring whiskies more and enjoying tastings from bottles either at distilleries or other venues that offer them.
This has been really good and means we are then buying a bottle knowing we really liked it from the tasting.
We believe that drinking whisky as an experience is something that all our senses can alter, for a good or even bad experience.
Whether that is the nosing, tasting or visuals from a particular glass and the atmosphere from the location or company you are with.
Our exploring has extended to whisky and food pairings and chocolate pairings.
More recently even a scented candle burning in the background and adding that special drop of water that can make the dram and full experience, that special memory.
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